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Telehealth Monitoring System

Since 2005 Charity Home Health Services, Inc. has utilized telemonitoring in our integrated plans of care specifically for those patients 

  • With repeated hospilizations or ER visits for chronic conditions such as Pneumonia, urinary tract infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and congestive heart failure 
  • With any conditions requiring frequent monitoring or tracking of vital signs to assist in clinical management 
  • Chronic care needs which can be monitored at home 
  • Medication changes requiring frequent monitoring    

Our telehealth system provides daily monitoring of our patients and serves as an enhancement to scheduled caregiver visits. It allows for pre-emptive care, which in the long run is a more effective and cost efficient way to manage chronically ill patients. Recent studies have shown that the 60-day re-hospilizations rates for theses patients' is between 40-50%. A 2008 heart alert study found that patients participating in a telemonitoring program experienced an amazing 86.2% reduction in 12 month rate of re-hospilization.

The benefits for our patients include:

  • Earlier recognition and intervention 
  • Improved quality of life 
  • Reduces the cycle of emergency room visits & hospital readmissions 
  • Patient and caregiver support 
  • Reduced anxiety 
  • Increased compliance in medication and treatments 
  • Improved empowerment and self-management skills 
  • Increased Independence 

For physicians, telemonitoring can provide:

  • Detection and management of early warning signs 
  • Trending of key physiological parameters (blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, and heart rate) along with periodic reports of clinical data 
  • Adherence to best practice guidelines 
  • Secure, web-based access to their patients' medical record 
  • More effective use of resources  

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